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Genuine Oil Olive Certification.


Why you should purchase olive oil with the I.G.P. certification

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany is certified Not every Extra Virgin Olive Oil which appears to be of tuscan origin, is in fact tuscan olive oil. There are oils, whose labels give the appearance of being tuscan through pictures and names, but they are not. And there are oils, which are being bottled by tuscan companies, but which are not produced in tuscany. And then there are further oils, which are being produced by companies which are located in Tuscany but are not owned or managed by tuscan farmers. Therefore, there is only one way to purchase an oil with proven and guaranteed through a through and neutral surveillance, and has been produced according to a relevant country and EU-wide law governing the origin and quality of the product.

The regulations for the "Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano"

The compliance document which defines the requirments of IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is called a "disciplinare". It is an official and public document, which was initially recognised at regional and later also at national level (through the Ministey for Agriculture), registered on the basis of the regulations of the commission of the European Economic Union from 20 March 1998 and was pubished and enforced through the same Ministery for Agriculture on 21 July 1998.

Through this recognition the name "Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano" changed into "Indicazione Geografica Protetta" (IGP) under consideration of the Definition in Art. 2 of the regulations of the European Community Nr. 2081/92.

The geographical region, which has been allocated for the cultivation and production of "Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano IGP", and Is within the county disrict of tuscany also includes 8 territories of a lesser importance. These territones can produce oil under the name "menzioni geografiche aggiuntive" (added geographical areas) to be identifyable as subgroups. Through these measures, consumers can not only recognise that an oil is definitely tuscan, but can also identify its specific origin from each of the individual areas within tuscany.

How Can the consumer recognise the "Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano IGP"?

Each confection of the "olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano IGP" carries a visible "certification label", on which the name of the certifying institution and the code number for the identification of the product has been printed.

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