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Olive Oil Tuscany and its Health Benefits.

Scientific studies confirm, that the polyphenols and tocopherols (vitamin E) give the olive oil an important role in the limitation of the cell ageing process though their antioxidant abilities and anti-radicals characteristics.

This means that the higher the percentage of antioxidant substances, vitamin E, carotenoids, chlorophyll and other components, the greater is its positive effect on our health.

As intended by the norms, the I.G.P. certification confirms the minimum quantities of these substances, therefore guaranteeing an oil of high Extra Virgin quality.

In order to assure you of this quality, we have published the I.G.P. certificate of our oil on website and would like to invite you to read it. You will note, that the minimum values as specified by the norms have been surpassed by a long way and our oil therefore not only tastes very good, but is also beneficial to your health.

All this has been possible thanks to Dr. Antonio Pieraccini, who for decades has been personally managing all phases of the cultivation of olives, from the composting, to the trimming, to treatment and harvest, including the inspections, supervising all process in order to obtain the aforementioned quality, which is the mission of our family:

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also very suitable for (deep-)frying, as it has the special characteristic of maintaining its molecular-critical temperature of ca. 210 - 220 °Celsius, without altering the composition of its fatty acids. The generic vegetable oils by contrast, such as SOIA, COLZA etc. start to build peroxides and polymers, which can provoke damage to the cardio-vascular system, the kidneys and the liver.

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